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We’re people around Essex who are committed to tackling loneliness and isolation through acts of kindness.

Now, more than ever, isolation is affecting the people of Essex. The outbreak of coronavirus is forging physical barriers, but this doesn’t have to mean loneliness.

Together with hundreds of community, charity and voluntary groups around Essex, we’re building an online community of kindness. We’re helping people connect with friends, neighbours and strangers. We’re working together to help everyone overcome feelings of isolation.

Our social movement is inspiring people to be kind and support each other, even when we can’t be together in the same physical space. Together, we can combat the effects of coronavirus. Together, we can connect our community with kindness.

Our aims:

  1. Make sure everyone feels part of a community. Before coronavirus, more than one in four people said they are always or often lonely. As the virus continues to spread, this number is likely to be much higher.
  2. Inspire people to connect in new ways. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, half a million older people in the UK would go five or six days without seeing someone. Now, a lot more people will feel isolated for days or weeks at a time.
  3. Support and share our appreciation for workers in critical roles during the coronavirus outbreak. 8 out of 10 carers have felt lonely because of their caring role.

Start now. Do one kind thing a day. Even better, let’s do it together and create even stronger communities in the face of adversity.

Be inspired and share your kind stories with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

With 16 libraries re-opening next week, we know you may have questions around what services will be on offer, loan periods, automatic renewals, charges and safety measures. Find out the answers with our updated FAQs: http://ow.ly/rBjd50AmXRJ @UnitedInKind @Essex_CC

You may have seen the story over on our page about 'Podge' the social distancing cat from #Rochford...

@Rossiicecream were so impressed they delivered a special tub of ice cream as a treat for following the rules so well!


Here's John Peters the Ice Cream Man from #Rochford, He has been invited to tell the country about the Birthday Treats he gives on the BBC Breakfast Show! Well done Peter, you and #kindness getting the recognition you deserve!

Please be aware that the forthcoming “1 metre +” concept means it is now possible to be 1 metre away from someone outside your household instead of 2 metres, AS LONG AS THERE'S ANOTHER MITIGATING FACTOR IN PLACE, such as a screen, face-coverings, or hand-washing facilities

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